The therapies

I use a mix of different therapies in my sessions. These include:

Counselling: This is a traditional therapy that allows you to talk about problems and feelings in a confidential, supportive and non-judgmental environment. It can help to release emotions and to make sense of situations and feelings.

Coaching: Coaching helps you to maximise your full potential by focusing on future possibilities rather than on past problems. I use careful listening and effective questioning to help you to identify what you want and where your blocks are. I then offer ongoing support and tools and techniques to help you to work towards your goals.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): EFT is a clinically proven, simple and effective therapy which is good for clearing traumas, changing unhealthy beliefs, uncovering blocks, improving confidence and increasing wellbeing. Sometimes known as ‘tapping’, it is becoming an increasingly popular tool. During an EFT session, I use questioning techniques and visualisation to get to the root of a problem and then we tap on acupuncture points and make specific statements. EFT quickly and gently allows you to experience big and lasting shifts in how you think and feel.

Matrix Re-imprinting: If you’ve had a traumatic experience that you couldn’t deal with, you will keep tuning into it at a subconscious level and this can affect your thoughts and behaviour. Matrix Re-imprinting allows you to reframe and transform traumatic memories and uncover the limiting beliefs you formed as a result. It is a safe, painless and effective way to transform trauma.

META-Health: META-Health is a scientific model for understanding how your emotions and perceptions create disease. According this this model, specific conflicts affect specific organs and body structures. If you have pain or disease I can therefore usually help you to understand what beliefs and perceptions are behind your issue. Your health problems are often a useful guide to what needs attention in your psyche.

Spiritual Counselling: We are all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings and I believe that most of our issues come from a poor relationship with ourselves at a spiritual level. By getting more in touch with this side of yourself, your life often takes on a new perspective, enabling you to create a happier and healthier future.

Human Design: We are all born with a unique genetic blueprint and your Human Design astrological chart can help you to understand your true nature and purpose in life. Because of parental and societal expectations, we are often not living authentically and understanding ourselves at a deeper level carries immense potential for self-improvement. I carry out brief Human Design readings during Discovery Sessions.

Bach Flowers Remedies: Bach Flower Remedies are based on homeopathy and are very powerful for balancing emotions. I often give clients a remedy to take between sessions as I find this supports and amplifies the emotional clearing work we have done.