“Eleanor is a fantastic therapist. She has a wonderfully warm and professional approach. During our sessions, I found her to be astonishingly intuitive, which helped to achieve powerful results. The therapy experience is extremely relaxing, and leaves you feeling calm and energised throughout the rest of the day. I would highly recommend EFT with Eleanor, as it has improved my physical symptoms, and effectively altered my perception of negative memories – a highly recommended and profound treatment!” – EMMA

“I have been genuinely very impressed by EFT. It’s a more direct and quicker way to get to the bottom of long-held feelings and to work through them. Eleanor guided me through some painful memories in a very sensitive and intuitive way. I’ve only had five sessions and I really feel as if something has shifted in the way I deal with my family (and friends too) – the EFT has helped me become more assertive when needed but also more forgiving. I’m really surprised to have come so far so quickly, and I’m very grateful to Eleanor for her calm and reassuring counselling. – CHARLOTTE

“Working with Eleanor is effective, inspiring and fun all at once! EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting are very powerful, allowing you to journey through your worst fears and beliefs so that you can change them. This can seem scary, but Eleanor carries you safely and often without tears through painful memories, helps you tap on them until they don’t seem to matter at all whilst implanting clear simple new beliefs in your mind. It’s great, I love it!” – BECKY

“Eleanor is a brilliant therapist! I’ve had quite a few EFT sessions with her and I’ve always found her intuition to be really accurate – she always finds a way to get to the underlying issue of whatever is holding me back, and I leave her lovely practice room feeling calm, focused and positive.” – CATHY

“EFT is an interesting alternative approach in helping to get to the bottom of a past experience, or a learned behaviour, which displays itself as either an emotional or physical disturbance or reaction (or both). I found the experience of examining my emotional relationship with food revelatory.” – ALEX

“I have known Eleanor for almost twenty years. She is a kind, conscientious, intelligent and level headed woman. When Eleanor began studying EFT I knew she would do well. However, I really had no idea how truly gifted she was until, quite by chance, I happened to be an observer during an EFT session with a mutual friend. Our friend had suffered a particularly nasty fall at speed from a horse. She was in considerable pain and shock, what I watched unfolding was amazing and the immediate help it gave took my respect and admiration for Eleanor to a new level. As a result I have since had EFT myself with her and would not hesitate to whole heartedly recommend Eleanor. She has genuinely found her true vocation in life.” – HB

“Eleanor is great! She has such a broad range of methods at her disposal and uses them with great intuition. I feel listened to and we quickly come to the root of the issue we work on. When she started using META-Health, it really took things to a new level for me. Highly recommended.” – DANIEL

“When I came to Eleanor for EFT I was in ‘a dark place’, quite frightened and not sure what to do. Eleanor put me so at ease I felt able to talk openly with her without any judgement on her part. She listened to me and gently explained EFT and how it works. Then she began the non invasive process of tapping during which I experienced emotional release and a feeling of calming reassurance. It was wonderful. Eleanor then taught me some of the techniques that I can now do myself. I am truly grateful for her assistance and hope more people get to experience the treatment with Eleanor.” – SARAH