About Eleanor

I started my journey with a counselling course over 15 years ago. I then attended an NFSH healing course which opened me to a deeper way of thinking about how the mind and body are linked.

Around the same time I discovered EFT and used it to clear a trauma that I had experienced and to help control anxiety. I was very excited by the shifts it enabled me to make and I found myself using it as an ongoing self-help tool. I went on an EFT Level 1 course to broaden my skills and then attended Levels 2 and 3 where I qualified as an EFT Practitioner. I also qualified in Matrix-Reimprinting, an advanced EFT technique for clearing traumas.

I was introduced to META-Health on one of my EFT courses and found it really fascinating. I trained as a META-Health Practitioner and now regularly use it in my sessions as it can provide the missing link to wellness. I am passionate about this model and have done several talks locally.

I also work with Human Design (an astrological system which details our unique personality blueprints) and am currently training to become a Bach Flower Remedies practitioner.

I am constantly seeking out ways to help people more effectively. I am very intuitive and love to help clients to get in touch with a deeper and more fulfilling way of being so that they can become the best possible version of themselves.